Antwerp: The Diamond City Of The World

The diamond city of the world Antwerp is one of the famous and elegant cities of the world and is situated in the Flanders region of Belgium. The inhabitants of this lovely city are given the name sinjoren and they are known as one of the best breed of fun loving and friendly people. The city of Antwerp has something in store for every person as there are a number of attractions and sightseeing tours that give people an opportunity to get a glimpse of what this city has in store.

There are many attractions at the city of Antwerp and the list is varied ranging from cultural avenues, shipping, historical monuments and a superior heart throbbing nightlife scenario.

The main attractions at this city are as follows:

- The cathedral of our lady

- The city hall

- The old market square

- Central station

- Antwerp zoo

- The nightlife

- The shopping

- The ride in the euro star


The cathedral of our lady was designed and crafted by jean appelmans and is one of the most exquisitely decorated and impressive building in the city of Antwerp. It holds the spot as the tallest building in this city and stands at a height of 123 meters.

If you have wondered about the guilds and lively local folk you need to pay a visit to the city hall which is also known as the groqt market which holds a special place in the hearts of all the inhabitants of Antwerp and those who visit it. The houses that line the streets in this locality are lovely and beautiful and prove to be superb treat to the eyes.

If your little children are getting bored roaming the city limits you can take them to the famous Antwerp zoo that is home to almost 4000 specimens of animals and birds collectively. The animals and birds will entertain you and your children with their antics while the architecture will send you back in time to the 19th century.

The railway cathedral is the nick name that is given to the central station which is one of the biggest and impressive buildings built in the world.

The nightlife of the city is lively and vibrant. There are a number of cafes, restaurants, bars, clubs and discos that one can patronize. The groqt market and the adjoining areas are lined with plenty of bars where you can sit in peace and sip on cool Belgian beer. For music lovers there are live music shows that are organized at many of the local bars and clubs.

For those interested in shopping you need to head to the Meir where you will be able to find articles that will mystify and interest you. Local made products are unique and lovely and if you are looking for alcohol you need to head to the Nationalestraat, the Huidevettersstraat or the Kammenstraat.

A ride in the eurostar is a must for every tourist as the interiors and the onboard service are impeccable and lovely. Antwerp is every tourists dream come true with its modern interface that has kept culture and art in the forefront.