Namur: Visit Belgium

Situated at the confluence of the river Meuse and sambre, Namur is a municipality that boasts of a population of over 100,000. Due to its proximity to the water body it has gained importance as a popular tourist destination and transit point.

This city is one of the many that has still maintained its medieval roots. It boasts of fine 15th century architecture and there is no hint of any modern structures in this city. There are no big malls, supermarkets or any entertainment plazas that are from the present generation. The main attraction in this city is the large fortified citadel that overlooks the city and it is situated on a nearby hilltop. This citadel was rebuilt on a number of occasions and though it has been touched up a number of times it still maintains its medieval grandeur.

The only inkling of a modern faced is a casino plaza that is situated in the northern part of the city. There are other attractions which include a beer festival that is held once every year.

The architecture of this lovely city comprises of cobbled streets, neo gothic architecture as well as elegantly designed old fashioned buildings. An interesting building is the meat hall that is situated on the banks of the sambre which now has been converted into a museum of sorts. The cathedral of saint aubain and the belfry of st. James are some interesting structures that are worth visiting. Apart from the meat hall there are number of other museums that are dedicated to the arts, history and economics that were prevalent in the 11th and the 12th century. There is also a lovely museum that houses intricate and exquisite works created by the locales of Namur and it dates back to the 18th century.

Although it's not the same as the nightclubs in California, the nightlife scenario in this municipality is worth enjoying as there are a number of cafes, bars, discos and outdoor party events that are hosted for all. The restaurants here offer travelers sumptuous meals with the traditional flavors. If you are looking for a good time a visit to the casino of Namur will be a good option to spend the evening. Sightseeing tractions are plenty and one should make use of travel guides to find out the best in the city. Tours can be undertaken on foot or on bicycles as it enables you to stop and spend time when you feel like it and not rely on the incessant murmur from the tour guide.

Travelling routes to this city are varied. They include flight plans as well as train journeys. Considering the scenery and the exquisite landscape dotting the environs it will be a better option for one to take the train route into the city. The eurostar is a lovely high speed train that enables one to zip between the European countries with ease. It is also another way of starting your sightseeing while on the train. The train halts at places of interest so that one can visit them and enjoy the grandeur of these beautiful cities. Travelling by train is a wonderful experience as the service rendered by the staff makes one feel at home.