Brussels At Belgium

19 municipalities and the honor of being the country's capital set Brussels as one of the largest cities of this country. The overall population of this city is about 1 million while in the suburban the population is about 1.8 million. The city of Brussels gained importance after the end of the Second World War when it became the home base for many allied organizations like NATO and many other organizations from various countries that are the reason why Brussels has gained the status of being the hub of political and international activity. Though Dutch was the preferred language that was used among the inhabitants here gradually the trend shifted towards French which is now become the native language.

The city of Brussels is situated in the region that is home to the oceanic climate structure. In this case Brussels receives about 200 days of rainfall every year. Summer starts in April and continues till august after which the winter season starts. There is a lot of humid air circling around during the summer months after which the temperature dies down to a general low during the winter months. The winter temperature is about 10 degrees during the day while the night time temperatures drop down even further. The temperatures at night fluctuate between 0 and 5 degrees and the season ends in the month of July when the humidity increases and temperatures begin to rise. Rainfall is a constant part and parcel of this city and it can and needs to be expected anytime of the year though it rains cats and dogs in the winter season.

The atomium is a futurist remnant of the world exhibition that was held here nearly 50 years ago and boasts of a full scale model of an actual iron molecule. There is fast lift ride straight through the centre of the middle atom and one can enjoy views all around from the viewing platform that is situated at a height of 100 meters above the ground.

For drink aficionados, a guided tour of the "brouwerij belle vue" is a must. The main reason why people take this tour is because they get ample of opportunities to sample and taste some of the best beers that the country has to offer. The tour takes people through the whole process of making beer right from the fermentation to the barreling and ending with drinks and sampling in its very own exquisitely designed tavern.

Stargazers will be treated to a superb session at the Brussels planetarium. There are a number of wonders and activities that one will be able to try out here. There are guided tours and stargazing videos that help guide the participants of the tour pick out various constellations and particular stars. There are various other activities and instruments that can be used to help you delve into the darker secrets of the universe. This attraction is open from Monday to Sunday from nine in the morning to five in the evening.

With so much to do, Brussels certainly features every tourists list of places to visit. For those who have a Brussels plan in mind, you won't be disappointed.